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The White Ship
O Navio Branco
A National Film Board of Canada Documentary

The Portuguese cod fishing schooner, Santa Maria Manuela on her 1966 campaign to the Grand Banks east of Newfoundland, Canada and Davis Straits west of Greenland. (15 Minutes)

O navio Santa Maria Manuela á pesca do bacalhau na  campanha de 1966  nos Bancos leste de Terra Nova, e Davis Straits, ao oeste da Greolanda. (15 minutos)


Santa Maria Manuela Visits St John's Newfoundland


For Dionisio Esteves, 1966 would be his seventh and last cod fishing campaign to the Grand Banks as a crew member of the Santa Maria Manuela.

Dionisio Candido Quintas Esteves,
of Vila Praia de Âncora, 26 years old and recently  married, drowned while unloading his daily catch of codfish when a huge wave crashed his dory against the steel hull of the Santa Maria Manuela .  He was buried Mount Carmel Cemetery,
Saint John's, Newfoundland.

Dionisio Esteves Burial Site At Mt Carmel Cemetery






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The Telegram News CBC TV News

Warm Welcome For
Portuguese Visitors To St. John's

Santa Maria  Manuela
has arrived at St. John's  Newfoundland
Thursday May 19 09:30 am

A Santa Maria Manuela
Chegou a São João Terra Nova
Quinta Feira, 19 Maio, 2011 as 09:30 am


Santa Maria  Manuela
Arrived at St. John's  Newfoundland
Thursday May 19 09:30 am


NTV-TV news
White Fleet Returns

History In The Harbour

Santa Maria Manuela
Entering St John's Harbor


Santa Maria Manuela
Visit to St John's

Click photo for LIVE CAM and large view


Live Web Cams St. John's Newfoundland Harbor

Live Web Cam From The Rooms Archives Building St. John's Newfoundland Harbor

New schedule for Santa Maria Manuela visit to Canada ports



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