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By: Salvador Farias Sousa Damaso | Date: Jan 22, 2017 |
Hi, My name is Salvador Farias Sousa Damaso and my father is Francisco Sousa Damaso pictured on your website along with his brothers . I believe my grandmother Evangelina lived with her brother and his wife whom are your grandparents or great grandparents on Winter St. Fall River MA. There is a very good chance that your my cousin. My wife and I would love to talk to you and your family and perhaps meet with you. Please contact me at my home tel. XXXXXXXX. Congratulations on your great work. Thank You.

By: Kelly Ann Andrade | Date: Sep 1, 2016 |
Many thanks to the individuals who created this website; preserving history and culture is very important. Think of the families and lives you have touched so dearly. My grandfather is listed here, Antonio Rebelo de Andrade "Manquinha", what a handsome man he was. Their bravery and sacrifice will not be forgotten. My grandmother died at sea.

By: John Patricio | Date: Jun 30, 2015 |
Great site uncle Sid. Here's a video I made of my short life working on a lobster boat out of Tiverton, RI. Hope you like it. Check out all
my YouTube vids
. I made some of uncle Paul boxing.

Six Months at Sea - A True Story

I also worked for Spinner publications in New Bedford, MA, and helped publish a few great books; most notably Portuguese Spinner which is full of great stories and photos from Portuguese immigrants. They have published many books about the New Bedford fishing industry. You might check them out here
Spinner publications

Ok, Love the site. Love you! Later.

By: Olga do Rego Vieira | Date: Sep 11, 2014 |
Gostei de ver caras dos (meus parentes?). eu sei que o meu Trisavo Francisco Vieira e seu pai Jose Vieira, pescador, nascidos em 1876 e 1861 em Rabo de Peixe, gostaria de haver uma foto deles. O meu Pentavo Manuel Vieira, tambem era de Rabo de Peixe, pensso de 1841, se alguem tiver fotos gostaria imenco.

muito obrigada

By: Antonio Martins | Date: Aug 30, 2014 |
I'm so glad to find this site I been looking for this for a wile my father was a cod fisherman is name is Manuel Martins ( pretinho) and my uncle also was a fisherman Alvaro Martins ( sago ) thank you so much

By: Bill Farquhar | Date: Jul 5, 2014 |
My wife had ancestors from Calheta de Sao Pedro. Botelho Ferreira & Andrade.

By: Hilda Umbelina Andrade | Date: Mar 4, 2014 |
my husbands family are knows as the Baleias. His Uncle Manuel Cabral, originally from Rabo de Peixe, is found on these pages. I just wish to thank all the people that have taken the time to create these pages to preserve the history and bravery of these men. Many of them left their families behind for months at a time in order to do good and raise money to emigrate to Canada and the USA. My husband left in 1972 but I'm sure he may recognize some of the names and faces. Thank you again!

By: John tuttle | Date: Jun 3, 2013 |
My mothers people are from the Azores, so i was much interested in your site,plus i have been a fisherman for 35 years on cape cod ,ma , love all the old picitures of these brave men .

By: Alexandrin De Jesus Vieira Andrade Moniz | Date: Apr 26, 2013 |
I so enjoy reading and seeing this site. My father was a fisherman, from Rabo de Peixe his name was Jose Rebelo De Andrade. In the early 1950's He worked on the Augus ship, his voyages to Canada for the cod fish, He too was a very brave man. He passed away Sep.05,2010 Thanks you for the great job of posting the great fisherman from Pesca de Bacalhau and the man from Rabo de Peixe.

His loving daughter, Alexandrina Moniz

By: Florinda andrade | Date: Mar 2, 2013 |

Thank you so much for sharing i loved seeing my dad

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